"I just want to say a big thanks again for making our event sooo memorable! There was never ending compliments about the night and your performances overall. Thanks you for bringing your talent , smile and energy to our evening.

Deb Wiegers, Vice President
Wiegers Care for Kids 2019


Welcome to Circus Kasai

An elite performance company with decades of experience in the entertainment industry. We provide stunning theatrical circus shows and entertainers to clients in Canada and across the world. Our clientele includes partners of Cirque Du Soleil, Cartoon Network, W Hotels Worldwide, BMW, Party like Gatsby and the World-Renowned Spiegeltent. 


With years of experience in event design and event planning, our team has a unique eye for detail. We provide only the highest caliber of artist, who are uniquely proficient at their artistry and craft. Our entertainers are elite world champions, have toured in over fourteen countries and hold themselves to the highest possible standard for circus arts.

Entertainment services for galas, festivals, birthdays, corporate events and fairs. As well as, private coaching, educational workshops/ circus camps and access to social circus programs internationally.


Formally book under Kate Ryan Circus.



A meticulous approach to contemporary circus, featuring seven of Canada's top artists in a breathtaking online format.

Having endured chaos, uncertainty, loss and a variety of hardships during a global pandemic, the artists behind TEN take an introspective look at the emotions that were prevalent throughout the past year. Through the expression of such experiences, TEN also showcases the strength, perseverance and resilience of the human condition.


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Dreams of Wonderland is a live circus show from Circus Kasai. After visiting Wonderland, Alice has been having the same recurring dream. Falling down the rabbit hole, but this time, everything is a bit different. Everything is familiar but something has changed. After her graceful flips and impressive drops down the silk-lined rabbit hole, Alice is greeted by The Cheshire Cat who lures her with her mesmerizing feats of contortion and impossible balancing acts up on top of razor-thin poles. To her surprise, the Mad Hatter is there to whisk her away to his tea party. The excitement has the Mad Hatter spinning round and round in his giant ring and just when things were going so well the Red Queen decides to crash the party for her own dazzling light show of spinning hoops. This was a cry of war, for the Mad Hatter to step in, the two battle it out with amazing feats of acrobatics only to end in the most impossible magic act he had up his sleeve.


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"We offered Kate a full time job, of all the performers in the show, her energy and ability to connect with any audience was incredible! We want her back!"

Zamir  Dhanji, Artist Director

Cartoon Network Amazone

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